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About GAPP

Positive Psychology, the “science of what goes right in life,” is an area of research in academic psychology. As German-speaking Association of Positive Psychology (GAPP, in German: DACH-PP, we aim to promote applications of Positive Psychology in the German-speaking part of the world, specifically in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We thus hope to make the concepts, methods and interventions of Positive Psychology accessible to a non-academic audience, with a view to applying them in coaching, counselling and therapy, leadership, teamwork and business, and education.

GAPP is chaired by psychologists Daniela Blickhan, MSc, MAPP and Judith Mangelsdorf, MSc, MAPP, MEd, who is also Head of the training section. The board consists of renowned university professors from Germany and Switzerland: Prof. Michael Eid, Prof. Kathrin Heinitz, Prof. Bernhard Schmitz and Prof. Willibald Ruch.

GAPP is intended to be a platform for networking and coordinating initiatives that work to apply the scientific findings of Positive Psychology in practice.

GAPP has developed standards of quality for training and certification in Applied Positive Psychology. This ensures the scientific grounding and high quality of further education in the field of Positive Psychology in the German-speaking countries. We have defined several levels of certification, their curricula, and requisite qualifications for trainers.

GAPP is in cooperation with national and international initiatives and associations of Positive Psychology:

  • ENPP European Network of Positive Psychology
  • IPPA International Positive Psychology Association
  • School of Positive Psychology, Japan and Singapore

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